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The EZ-CarryAll is out to change the way consumers carry their grocery bags.

Here is an alternative that allow customers to shop MORE.

Customers that come in without a shopping cart are generally limited to what they can carry using two hands.

Once people get used to this new style of carrying bags, they will prefer this method as it frees both hands for other immediate tasks - metro card, house keys, or even to carry more groceries.

Studies show that when we use our hands to carry multiple shopping bags, we have a tendency to stiffen and hold the arm slightly outward to avoid bumping the bags against our legs and breaking the stride of our walk. Any length of time held in this position can cause strain to the neck, shoulder, forearm, wrist and fingers.

EZ-CarryAll is designed to carry grocery bags with maximum comfort, convenience, and ease of use. It is like having a shopping cart in your pocket. A big reason why you should consider the EZ-CarryAll to promote your brand name.
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